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Key FAQs for Measure N







What is Measure N?

  • It is a local measure on the March 5th ballot seeking renewal of the existing Davis parcel tax
  • The parcel tax funds more than 100 teaching positions in our local school district
  • If passed it will continue the parcel tax at the current rate of $64 / month per parcel ($768 / year)
  • Exemptions are available for senior citizens and those with disabilities
  • The measure allows for annual CPI-capped inflation adjustments (CPI avg 2.8% / year, past 10 years)
  • Passage requires a 2/3 super majority of votes in favor
  • It will continue until ended by the school board or by voters

Why should you support Measure N?

  • Davis has a 40-year history of supporting local education through a parcel tax measure
  • The current measure funds numerous important initiatives throughout our schools, including:
    –  Core academic programs in science, technology, engineering, math, reading, and writing
    –  Art, music, world languages, career technical education, AP courses, and other electives
    –  Athletics and co-curricular programs such as robotics, journalism, theater, and debate
    –  Counseling and nursing services to support safety and student well-being
    –  Librarians in primary and secondary schools
  • In the state funding formula, Davis is a well-below-average funded district without the parcel tax.
  • Our high performing schools are vital to the local economy, helping keep home values strong

What happens if Measure N does not pass?

  • We will lose $12 million in annual funding, more than 10% of the local school system budget

  • The school district will need to lay off more than 100 teachers and other educator

  • There will be a significant reduction in programs and services at all schools in the district

  • There will be an increase in average class sizes at both the elementary and secondary levels